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10 Simple Ideas For Your Wedding Menu That Saturate The Soul

Written by Çağteks Gelinlik


Posted on January 20 2022

We continue with the wedding menu in our blog series, which we have prepared to inspire you with our years of experience in concept and trend applications related to marriage, such as specially designed wedding dresses. When it comes to your wedding dinner, we can feel overwhelmed by the dishes, classic menus and presentations you've seen hundreds of times. That is why we can indulge in thoughts at the decision stage to serve something more special. We, as Çağteks team, have brought together 5 different wedding menu ideas, which are simple but satisfy the soul, to help inspire candidates on the eve of marriage who feel exactly this way.

Try Feel-Good Snacks

A feel-good snack, but with an elegant presentation. Don't say no and a bite-sized amount of grilled halloumi cheese paired with a serving of tomato soup in small, few-scoop bowls… Feels great? Such small warm details and delicious food will delight your guests.

Make Your Own-Brunch-Bowl

If your party will be a cocktail party or you will get together around noon, you can prepare a brunch concept. When you think of brunch, you may think of pancakes and egg plates, but there are other options. If you are looking for a unique variation or variation on breakfast dishes, you might consider serving acai bowls. These are smoothie bowls with various toppings on the floor. Make the experience interactive by including a station filled with different ingredients (think: fresh fruits, seeds, nuts, and granola).

Cone Deli

It's no secret that everyone is obsessed with deli shops and feels hungover there. However, even if you're serving a delicatessen buffet at the ceremony, it can be difficult for guests to serve themselves in the crowd. With this creative wedding menu idea, you can distribute scrumptious salty snacks to your guests with an unusual presentation: a delicatessen cone!. You can present pre-prepared cheese, dried meat, crackers and fruit varieties in eco-friendly wooden and paper cones for your loved ones to enjoy.

Seasonal Vegetable Tastings

The abundance of the wedding season is also abundant, so why not offer this abundance to your guests with a tasting full of delicious fresh vegetables? You can distribute flavored seasonal vegetables, traditionally boiled or grilled, with a nice presentation and they will look absolutely stunning in photographs. Another advantage? Everyone can enjoy this dish without any restrictions to your guests who are on a diet or on a vegetarian or vegan diet. You can serve the tastings in the style seen in the family home or as an entree.

French Fries Containers

We didn't want to end our list of wedding menu ideas without fries! As you know, it is a popular snack late at night, at every meal as a child, and at every escapade that brings happiness in adulthood. It is a dish that can be everyone's favourite. Fill your guests' senses as well as their stomachs in a nostalgic and unforgettable way by preparing fried potatoes for snacks home-style and serving them in small bowls and the accompanying sauce! :)