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Will the world of the pandemic ever return to normal?

Written by Çağteks Gelinlik


Posted on March 13 2022

Will ceremonies ever return to normal in the post-pandemic world?

A lot has changed since the start of the global pandemic, especially in how we celebrate important moments in life, from birthday gatherings and holiday gatherings to religious milestones like baptism and bar mitzvah. However, one of the events that will be affected the most on a global scale is undoubtedly weddings. So, what awaits couples and their guests at weddings in the years following the pandemic? According to wedding experts, we wanted to share the predictions that await us for weddings in a post-COVID world.


- Weddings will be much smaller and more intimate.

Even before the pandemic crisis knocks on our door, it is believed that the large and high number of guests will be a thing of the past, even if the special guest lists of the ecology and sustainability movements will continue.


-There will be an increased awareness of germs.

Viruses, germs and bacteria are nothing new, but the current pandemic has certainly highlighted the fragility of human life, especially when it comes to the spread of effectively effective infections. Buffet presentations and food service with plexiglass barriers, or appropriate servers with gloves and sterile, have changed the perspective of what safety really means in food service. And it seems that it will continue to maintain its importance as it is.


-There will be more contracts and they will look different.

With the resumption of COVID, it is stated that many wedding vendors have rather vague contracts regarding force majeure, postponement and cancellation. Cancellations, reduction of the number of guests, etc. It is hoped that ceremonial contracts for occasions will also contain highly detailed and different clauses than in the past.


-Hospitality will be bigger and better than ever before.

As we continue to live and experience our new normal in the world, it is hoped that people will be more inclined to show their love for each other.


-Outdoor activities will continue.

Even with the approval of paramedics for us to gather indoors in larger parties, it is thought that spaces with open space will continue to be more desirable.