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Here are 5 tips you need to know about getting a custom designed engagement or wedding ring.

Written by Çağteks Gelinlik


Posted on January 08 2022


If you've never had a custom-made jewelry made for you, the thought of getting your wedding or engagement ring done in this way can seem difficult!

But getting a unique engagement or wedding ring is actually much easier than most people think.

1- Custom Design Takes More Time

Just like having a custom wedding dress made, getting a custom engagement or wedding ring takes longer than ordering a ready-made ring. To create a special piece of jewellery, you need to know the styles you're inspired by, have your design in mind, add subtle changes to your design and more or less visualize your ring, all of which naturally take time. On average, it takes about 3 to 6 weeks to create a custom engagement or wedding ring, so if you're going to be making a custom engagement ring, be sure to allow for this extra time in your schedule. :)

2- It is important to determine your budget first

In the same way, you should set a budget before talking to a designer jewelry or jewelry designer, just like having a custom-designed wedding dress sewn. This will ensure that you don't accidentally pop in your budget once your ring starts being designed. Also, your jewelery designer will help adjust your design to maximize your budget and make sure you prioritize what matters most.

3-You Can Get Inspiration From Anywhere

It's common for people to bring inspiring images at the beginning of the design process. People usually take away samples of engagement or wedding rings they like, which is awesome. But you can actually get design inspiration from anywhere. For example, other types of jewelry… Or the architecture that draws you in, the colors in a photo you took while on vacation, the description of something in your favorite book, and so on…

4- It's Useful To Understand The Materials Of Wedding Rings

It's understandable that you want to understand both your style options and your material choices when designing an engagement or wedding ring. There are two types of materials to consider when creating an engagement ring: your gemstones and your precious metal. You can find your style by delving into the world of gemstones and metals.

5- Enjoying the Process is Important

Before we finish our list of tips on what you need to know before getting a custom-designed engagement or wedding ring, we want to point out that creating your ring should be fun. Getting a custom-designed engagement or wedding ring is a special once-in-a-lifetime experience. You should enjoy the creation process as much as you enjoy the final product. So, if you feel stressed out, take a step back and try to re-centre.