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Çağteks Gelinlik

Embroidered wedding/bridal veil - LOVE POEM

Size: 150 x 300 cm.

Color: Poem Embroidered Off-White in Colour

The veil comes with a poetic phrase 'I LOVE YOU, AND IT'S THE BEGINNING AND THE END OF EVERYTHING'. Its a modern interpretation of a traditional veils covers faces. This time you cover your face for a very short time but with a message on it for the groom and the guests. It gives you an unforgettable and an iconic fashionable look in some of the photos of the very special day of your lifetime.
If you would like to custom your own bridal veil your welcome to share your ideas with us. Bespoke wedding/bridal veils with initials, phrases, words, letters can be applied in our embroidery development atelier which is right next to Cagteks Bridal showroom.

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