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Five unusual honeymoon destination suggestions with a nautical theme.

Written by Çağteks Gelinlik


Posted on January 03 2022

As Çağteks Bridal team, we have prepared an unique list for you! Check it out now.

When it comes to the honeymoon program, couples seem to escape to either a classic beach holiday or other similar calm options after the excitement of meetings with those crowds in wedding ceremony. Of course, it is understandable that they want to rest after that tiredness. However, it should not be overlooked that after the most meaningful and symbolic ceremonies of life, they may actually have enough energy for much more than a quiet and still holiday.

As Çağteks wedding dress team, we have prepared a list for our couples who may prefer to take action both physically and spiritually instead of a classic and quiet honeymoon. Take a look at our list of unique honeymoon options with sea and water themes for our couples who want to refresh with the blessings of taking action after marriage!

1- Take a bioluminescent kayak tour!
Watch the colorful biodiversity underwater as you canoe after sunset in Puerto Rico! Fajardo in Puerto Rico is a city famous for water sports. You can search the internet for this perfect adventure, where you will witness the magic of nature with your spouse, without tiring yourself too much, under the title of bioluminescent canoe tours! :)

2- Go on a whale watching tour!
It is now easier to observe whales in many ways. For this, you can witness a show that you will never forget in your life by choosing land, water, boat or non-motorized sea vehicles according to your wishes.

3- Sail to small islets in the Bahamas that you don't even know the name of.

If you can't sail by yourself, make a deal with a captain! Not only in the Bahamas, but also in the Aegean right next to us, there are small islets that not everyone knows about. While we were dreaming, we extended our route, but it is also possible to shorten dreams to match reality! You can rent a boat or catamaran from many companies according to your budget and your own wishes. :)

4- Explore Galapago Island.

The Galapagos is a great option for couples who are excited about Darwin's sea voyage and up close encounters with wildlife. Giant turtles and blue-footed boobies will accompany you on your honeymoon here :) On the sea tours you will make around, you may encounter rare creatures and have an unforgettable experience by snorkeling.

5- Dive into clear waters!

Explore the possibilities of diving and exploring reefs in deep or shallow rocky seas, from the Caribbean to the Red Sea, and even in Turkey. Prepare an underwater camera to take selfies with the creatures you will encounter there. Because what you will see and feel will be very different than on land :)